How I make my favorite scent last longer

I thought this week I would share one of my favorite ways to make your scent last  longer; I am going to say, though, no matter what, some fragrances just don't work with certain chemistry. My skin hates citrus scents; I swear they disappear the second I apply them. I am pretty sure I could bathe in a tub of citrus perfume, use citrus scented lotion after and finally, apply a gallon of citrus based perfume and you would never know it!

My favorite tip is to use unscented lotion ( or a lotion scented with your favorite scent) before applying your scent; dry skin is a no-no when applying scent. Or if you are lucky enough to not need moisturizer, you can also apply a very light layer of Vaseline to your pulse and apply your fragrance.

Until next week!



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