Melissa Gibson

I love the fragrance of vanilla; it is one of my favorite scents in the world. I love it in every cream, cookies, coffee, and of course perfume.  I'm not sure why I love the scent of vanilla so much; it's such a comforting scent to me.

When I first began blending fragrances, I knew I wanted a vanilla scent, but wanted to stay clear of the overly sweet vanillas out there. I wanted the type of vanilla that would feel feel like you were wrapped up in your favorite blanket on a snowy day; warm, cozy and comforting.  I mixed many versions of what I thought would be my favorite new fragrance; some were too sweet and some were lacking that specialness I was looking for. I finally came up with a blend that I loved and sent out samples to customers with their orders. Willow was a success and has been one of our top sellers since launching it. If you'd like to treat yourself, Willow is available here.

Until next time.