A few questions with...Janery

Today I'm chatting with Jane Pearson of Janery, a company that designs fabulous pet beds and home accessories. I am in love with the Catnip Cuddlers and will be purchasing one for her royal highness, Ms. Callie, soon. 

Does the name Janery have a special meaning?

The name Janery was a completely random one, driven solely from a desire to find a unique business name - and a nice, short URL. But after I launched Janery, I realized it sort of combined my first name with that of my husband, Ryan.  I love that because we’re a total team:  he’s an equal part of this business, my most enthusiastic supporter, and the person who listens to all my crazy business ideas day in and day out.

What inspired you to start your company?

I’ve always been passionate about two things:  animal rescue, and interior design. And I’m on a mission to prove that the two can go hand in hand!

Janery was inspired by my love of interior design, and my rescue dog, Charlie.  She was hairless and emaciated, with a bullet in her leg, and she loved having a cozy bed to curl up in.  With a house full of pets - usually two cats and two dogs - I was frustrated that dog beds were frumpy looking, and even the good ones weren’t really made to last.

You see, a washable dog bed cover is useless if the accident soaks through to the cushion.  Tired of throwing out drab dog beds, I decided to create a better one.

What makes your products special?

My flagship dog bed, the Charlie Cushion, combines high style with waterproof protection and durable American-made materials.  It’s an irresistible dog bed that resists bothersome smells, stains, lumps, and frumps. Plus, I’ve tested every aspect of it - including countless dog bed inserts to find the sturdiest plush cushion that will really last and not get bare spots.  

That approach goes beyond the Charlie Cushion.  Every Janery product is made to stand the test of real life - meaning it’s either totally washable or protected from messes!

Do you have a favorite product? 

Right now, my older dog is having incontinence issues, so I’m super thankful to have this Charlie Cushion in my living room!

I’m also a huge fan of the Catnip Cuddler, because the secret, refillable catnip pocket means your cat can’t resist the bed, even after washing!

But honestly, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite.  I only pick fabrics I love, and I only design products I believe in, so I love every item I make!

Where can we find your shop? 

To learn more about Janery, join the Janery VIP club! It’s free, and it gets you 2 fun emails each month, as well as a free treat on your pet’s birthday!

Shop at, or follow on Instagram - @shopjanery or Facebook.

Thank you so much, Jane, for sharing your story with us!




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