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A Few Questions With....KidEssence

Today I'm chatting with Tricia Lee of KidEssence, the owner, and creator of toys that encourage creativity and build self-confidence. Please keep these amazing toys in mind when doing your holiday shopping this year!

Does the name KidEssence have a special meaning?

Yes, the dictionary defines the word "essence" as the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something that determines its character.  Our brand is all about empowering children through creative and pretend play.  Studies show that these two types of play are crucial in a child's development for many reasons- the major being is that it is the way in which children develop social + emotional awareness as they act out and work out their problems through these types of play.  As a result, it empowers them and helps build their self-esteem.  Creative and Pretend Play is the very essence of a kid's life.  Thus, we named our brand; KidEssence.

What inspired you to start your company?

My inspirations have come through raising Erin, I’ve learned how much our toy industry caters to the use of batteries, video games, and cheaply made items. On a trip home, I found a busy book my mom had made when I was a kid.  I had just bought one on Amazon for $30 for this plane ride for daughter.  My mom’s book had 30 pages, the Amazon book, 4! I felt completely ripped off!  It was then that I decided to put my hobby to work and start my own company, KidEssence in 2015.  Our mission is to make toys that not only is battery free but is built to empower and engage kids through creative and pretend play.  – The two most important types of play that help develop a child socially, mentally physically and spiritually.  


What makes your products special?

All of our products are handmade with quality materials that are safe for all ages. As we design each toy, we think about the imaginative or creative aspect that the toy could bring to a child's life. What can they do with it? What is the practical use? What use for it would a child come up with and how can we develop that toy to feed that potential. For example, our baby blankets are made not only to provide comfort and security, but they can also be used to make a fort in the living room, a den in the dining room to help a child seek protection from a stuffed bear approaching. They can also be used as capes to soar across the room on an adventure.


Do you have a favorite product?

This is a really tough question. I LOVE all of my products equally like they are my kids. I enjoy making our minky blankets because the fabric is just so irresistibly soft, I love handling it! I really enjoy making our dolls as most are custom made to look like the child who will receive them. I picture the child playing with it and imagine what they would be doing together. What kind of secrets will this doll keep? I feel like each one, has its own personality.


Where can we find your shop? 

You can find KidEssence on our website:

Our Facebook Page: KidEssence

Instagram: @kidessenceshop

We also have our private Facebook group (KidEssence Family) where our fans are the first to hear about new collections, first dibs on sales, and any one off products we might produce.  You can request to join the group at KidEssence Family.

Thank you so much to Tricia for taking the time to chat with me.

Until next week!