A few questions with....The Pursuit of Cocktails

Today I'm chatting with Jamie Fowler of The Pursuit of Cocktails, a company that makes some of my very favorite party goods; they are perfect for girls weekends, bachelorette parties, honestly, I think they are perfect for every day! 

How did you come up with name, The Pursuit of Cocktails?
I actually came up with the name at 3 am on a sleepless night. I had been deep into the idea of rebranding my current side hustle/business for several weeks and my brain just couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed my phone and started Googling domains and social media handles for all the words and combinations I thought might work. The next day I asked my wonderfully creative Facebook friends what they thought. 
Ultimately I settled on "The Pursuit of Cocktails" as the perfect embodiment of what I wanted my brand to be. I want everything to be infused with fun and friendship - with a healthy dose of puns. 
The name has a wonderful double meaning because my product line includes party cups and drinking straws - perfect for cocktailing with your friends. It is all about the pursuit of happiness and those special nights filled with friendship, laughter, and cocktails. 
What inspired you to start your company?
My path has been less than linear. I started out under a different name - Blue Penguin Shop and with totally different products - tables, then wall mirrors, then compact mirrors and finally party cups. It was always more of a side project in my mind but a series career heart breaks and horrible jobs ultimately pushed me to create my own destiny and "The Pursuit of Cocktails" was born. 
What makes your products special?
All of my products focus on a saying with a double meaning - "alcohol you later" for example. They are a little sassy, super fun and designed to be a conversation starter. I am pretty introverted myself so I always think "would this cup/straw help me strike up a conversation at a party where I know no one?" I like to think of my products as mini-wingmen; ambassadors of friendship.
Do you have a favorite product?
Right now I am really crushing on my brand new drinking straws. I just launched the first design at the end of June. It is based off my most popular "Classy AF" party cup and they pair together perfectly. I have several more designs and colors coming later this summer. There is nothing else like them in the market and I'm super excited to get them into everyone's hands. I mean, who doesn't need a drinking straw with an attitude?!?!
Be sure to check out Jamie's site at The Pursuit of Cocktails and you can follow her on Instagram or on Facebook.
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