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If you are anything like me, you can get lost in Instagram; it's my favorite place to see cats being crazy, read inspirational quotes and find new businesses to support! One of my favorites is Ferris and CharChar, a small cosmetics company based in Ontario. I found them one day while on the page of one of my favorite IG accounts, Goats of Anarchy. Ferris and CharChar donate 10% of all sales to various animal rescues and even names products after the animals they help raise money for; what's not to love?

I reached out to Amber, the owner of Ferris and CharChar to tell us a bit more about her business:

Does the name Ferris and Char Char have special meaning? Yes, I named my business after my two little fur babies, Ferris Bueller and Charlotte. Ferris, a Brussels Griffon, is a little gentleman with a heart of gold, equipped with a beard most men would envy! Charlotte was my eight-year-old, tiny white Pomeranian princess who I lost far too soon to a heart abnormality in 2014. To pay tribute to these two loves of my life, I made them the namesakes of my company.

What inspired you to start your company? My entire career has been working in the financial industry but my heart was never in it. My biggest passion is animals and my second is makeup so I thought, how can I combine the two? It was just an idea at first but never really had the guts to pursue it. In January 2016 my job was outsourced to India and I was laid off. It was terrible timing as I had just become a surrogate and pregnant with twins! I applied to a hundred jobs and interviewed for at least 20. I was always upfront about the pregnancy and made sure it was clear that a maternity leave was not required but I still did not receive any job offers. These were positions I was more than qualified for and although they can’t tell me the pregnancy was the reason, I have a feeling it may have played a part in their decision. I understand their hesitance because knowing it is twins, it was likely that I would have lots of doctor’s appointments and there was always the possibility of bedrest. So after the 20th interview, I thought, that’s it! I can’t take the stress of preparing for these job interviews and waiting by the phone for weeks for their decision to constantly be rejected. So I decided to take a shot at my business idea and put 100% into that. I used all my savings to get it up and running and I feel like losing my job was the best thing that ever happened to me! I don’t think I would have taken that leap of faith had I not been laid off. I have already had the wonderful opportunity to change the lives for two humans who wanted a family but were unable to and now this is my chance to change the lives of animals who deserve a great life too. It’s my own little bucket list! Change some human lives, check! Change some animal lives, check! Lol.

What makes your products special? Our products are made in Canada, Hypo-Allergenic, Allergy Tested, Non-Comedogenic, Fragrance-Free and of course, not tested on Animals. Plus all of our shades are named after famous animals and we donate 10% to the participating animal rescue of your choice! We have over 70 to choose from!

You can find Ferris and CharChar online at and follow them on Instagram @ferris_and_char_char_cosmetics and on Facebook.

Thank you so much to Amber for sharing her story! Now go buy some lipgloss;)



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