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Gifts for your furry BFF

The holidays are coming and you can't forget about your furry BFF! We've put together a few must-haves for your furry friends.

1. This Toppl Treat Dispensing toy is perfect for anyone looking to have their dog become a bit more active. 

2. Looking for a healthier treat for Fido? Ry's Ruffery has three yummy treats for your foodie dog; cheddar, peanut butter, and pumpkin-apple.

3.This Go Cat Teaser Catcher Wand is our cat's favorite toy and she does not play with ANY toys! It was purchased on a whim and it is seriously the best $5 ever spent. 

4. Absolutely love these pet charms from Emily McDowell; the best part is there's one for you and one for your BFF!

5. These catnip toys are adorable! They are made from upcycled wool (or wool blend) sweaters, stuffed with eco-fiber, contain one teaspoon of certified organic catnip, and the best part is 10% of each one is donated to #foodforferals!

6. Fido deserves a new bed and of course, only deserves the best, Janery's Charlie Cushion is definitely that!

7. My personal favorite item is from Hoodcat, a Fur Fighters hoodie! We have the Purrvana one for her highness and it is adorable and amazing quality!

That's all for this week!