Kiele travel size perfume with a bakground of jasmine flowers

Everyone loves Kiele!

While doing our end of month paperwork, I ran our usual reports and was not surprised to find out Kiele is our most popular fragrance yet again and the travel size is our most popular product.

Kiele has been our most beloved fragrance since I began selling on Etsy over ten years ago. People at events fall in love with it immediately. Some say it reminds them of a very special vacation they took to Hawaii, some say it reminds them of the beach, and others say it reminds them of a scent their mother wore. That's the beauty of fragrance, for every perrson it has a unique meaning to them.

When I first began blending fragrances, Kiele was one of the first ones I mixed. The notes I used, jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose were flowers that I had smelled in a bouquet and I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever smelled (lilacs being my all time favorite flower). I remember sending out samples of all my blends to friends and the most popular one was Kiele.

If you've thought about trying one of our scents and love florals, Kiele is the one for you!


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