About Us

Do you love the scent of fresh flowers or maybe the aroma of a delicious treat from your local bakery? The whiff of an ocean breeze? The fragrance of just picked peaches?  These are just of the inspirations we used to create our line of everyday fragrances.
We believe every day should be treated as a special day, don't save your perfume for "occasions"; wear your favorite fragrance every day. Make every day a special day. Wear your favorite dress, buy those shoes and most definitely wear that fragrance you love!
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Callio Fragrance was launched in 2011 by Melissa Gibson, who has been known to spend hours at her favorite beauty stores testing everything and anything. She began blending her own fragrances over ten years and after being asked constantly what fragrance she was wearing, she left her corporate job and launched Callio Fragrance. 
 Owner of Callio Fragrance, Melissa Gibson, in our studio.
A special thank you to Hoon Sohn Visuals for our amazing product photography.
We are a proud member of Made in Queens  and Made in NYC.
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