About Us

Are you someone who revels in the scent of fresh blooms, the delicious aroma of treats from your local bakery, or the invigorating whiff of a seaside breeze? Perhaps the sweet fragrance of freshly picked peaches is your heart's desire. These are the very inspirations that have fueled the creation of our extraordinary line of everyday fragrances.

At Callio Fragrance, we firmly believe that every day should be cherished as a special occasion. Why wait for a formal event to adorn yourself with your favorite perfume? We encourage you to embrace your cherished scents each day, transforming every moment into something truly remarkable. Whether it's slipping into that beloved dress, splurging on those irresistible shoes, or spritzing on your beloved fragrance, make every day a celebration of your unique essence.

For an exclusive peek behind the curtain, fragrance pro-tips, and the occasional (or maybe not-so-occasional) glimpse of adorable feline companions, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. If you're craving our best-loved culinary recipes, fitness hacks (yes, this year, we're absolutely sticking to our three-times-a-week exercise routine!), and an abundance of cute animal snapshots, join us on Pinterest. And if you just want to chat or have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line!

Callio Fragrance was born in 2011, conceived by Melissa Gibson. Known for her extensive hours spent exploring beauty stores and testing an array of products, Melissa's journey into fragrance blending began over a decade ago. Fueled by constant inquiries about her captivating scents, she made the bold decision to leave her corporate job behind and embark on the exciting adventure that is Callio Fragrance.

Owner of Callio Fragrance, Melissa Gibson, in our studio.
A special thank you to Hoon Sohn Visuals for our amazing product photography.
We are a proud member of Made in Queens  and Made in NYC.
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