Sunny Perfume Duo Gift Set in a silver cylinder box on a white backround.

Gift giving season is almost upon us (again!)

Spring is officially here and a new season of giftgiving is here! There's Mother's Day, graduations, bridal showers, and of course, birthdays! We have gift sets for all of the above and you know, they make great gifts for you too.
Our Perfume Duo is perfect for anyone who loves to have their favorite fragrance with them at all times; it has a one-ounce bottle and a .25 travel spray that is perfect to keep in your bag for quick touch ups on the go!
Next up is our Perfume Gift Set with three one-ounce bottles of your favorite fragrances; perfect for giftgiving or maybe keeping for yourself, we'll never tell :)
Our Travel Perfume Gift Set has three .25 ounce bottles and is in available in 4 options. This set is perfect to share with your BFF's if they like fragrances as well, we call it our BFF bundle around the studio! Keep one for you and gift the other two or the other way around, our little secret.
And lastly, we have our Sample Gift Set; it has three sample vials with 4 different options to choose from. This is a perfect way to try our scents or gift someone who isn't sure what fragrances they might like; they also make great bridal shower favors! If you're interested in ordering some for an event, please contact us!
That's all for today!


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