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Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2022

I can't believe we are talking about holdiay shipping deadlines already, but here we are!

Before we discuss shipping deadlines, let's talk about processing times. We ship orders on Mondays and Thursdays. Orders that are received by 9 pm EST on Sundays, will be processed to ship with Monday's shipments, and orders received by 9 pm EST on Wednesdays, will be processed to ship with Thursday's shipments. If we need to add another day to our shipping schedule, we will but please remember, we are a small business, not Amazon and we do not have the bandwidth for two-day delivery.

Now, on to shipping deadlines, orders for Hanukkah delivery need to be placed by Sunday, December 4th and the last day to order for Christmas delivery is Tuesday, December 13th. 

Please understand these are not guaranteed delivery dates and we cannot control how swamped UPS is during the holidays.


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