Perfume Trio Gift Set on a light pink background with a silver brush tree.

Holiday Updates!

It's only October and as usual the big box stores are already pushing the holidays on us, but you might have noticed even small businesses are doing it (even us!). I'm sure you've seen the reports about the shipping ports being swamped, USPS slowing down deliveries, and the shortages of supplies. Well, it is truly hitting small businesses hard. There are major shortages of glass products and we are hoping we have enough bottles of hand to get us through the holidays. I am encouraging anyone who plans to shop small this year to shop early.

So, this is what we are doing:

We've over ordered on supplies (hopefully).

We've also made the switch from shipping through USPS to UPS Ground in the hopes that this will make the holiday shipping cycle a bit easier for you and us.

And last, our holiday shipping deadline this year is Wednesday, December 8th. It's much earlier than it ever has been but I know there will delays and I want to make sure we try to avoid any issues.

That's our update for now! We'll be getting back to fun stuff like gift guides and things soon!



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