Bottles of Willow, Tessa, Belle, Amelia, Sunny and Kiele one-ounce perfumes on a white background on a pink design with the words, Tips to make your fragrance last longer

Looking for ways to help your fragrance last longer?

Check out these tips below for a scent that lasts:
1. First things first, hydrate your skin: Before spraying your perfume, moisturize your skin with an unscented lotion. This will keep your perfume locked in for a longer period of time.
2. Find your pulse points: These are areas where blood vessels are close to the skin, like your wrist, neck, and behind your ears. A spritz of perfume on these points will last longer because of the warmth and sweat they generate.
3. A little spritz goes a long way: Apply perfume to your hair or clothes for a longer-lasting scent. But remember, don't spray it too close to your clothes or hair.
4. Store your perfume properly: Store your perfume in a cool, dark place and keep the cap tightly on. Light and heat can change the fragrance and quality of your perfume.
5. Don't overdo it: If the scent fades, reapply perfume to your pulse points. But don't use too much to avoid overpowering the scent.
These tips will keep your perfume scent fresh and long-lasting throughout the day. Have fun with your perfume, let your scent reflect your personality and mood! Enjoy your fragrances, and remember that life is too short for dull scents.
Hope you find these tips helpful!

Happy spritzing,
Chief Scent Officer
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