Sunny Travel Perfume and one-ounce bottles on a yellow background with mandarin oranges.

Our new fragrance launch!

Our newest scent is here! I'm so excited to finally launch this scent; it has been in the works for so long and everything that could go wrong did go wrong in bringing it to market.
I was looking to create a new scent a year and a half ago, yes, you read that right, a year and a half ago! I began experimenting with some blends and fell in love with one of the blends, a mandarin orange, orange blossom, jasmine, and vanilla mix. I made a larger mix, sent it out to my testers, they loved it (yay!) and I began planning on launching it at the beginning of 2018. I sat down to order the oils for the blend and discovered one of them was out of stock due to a fire that destroyed the plant where it was manufactured and they had no idea when the factory would be up and running again. I was heartbroken; this may not seem like something to be heartbroken about but when you are a small business owner things like this will break your heart. Hours of testing the scent, having labels designed and printed, money is now gone and you don't have a fragrance to release. I decided to try to be optimistic about it and hoped it would be available soon. 
Months went by and the factory was back up and starting production.... yay! I began planning on a launch date in September of 2018 but one day I was playing around with some other oils I had ordered to see if I could replace the oil I needed when I made a blend that I liked even better, wonderful! Went to order the oils and guess what, a different oil was out of stock with no arrival date know; at this point, I thought well maybe it's time to shelve Sunny, maybe this isn't the scent we're supposed to launch. A few weeks later I got an email telling me the oil needed was back in stock, I ran to my laptop and placed the order and began planning for the launch (again). 
And so after a year and a half and lots of sleepless nights, it's finally here! I hope you love it:)
Bottle of Sunny perfume with a pickground and three mandarin oranges.


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