The word pivot written in bright pink on a white background.


Every year, I pick a word or phrase to focus on for the year, it keeps me motivated or sometimes when things are tough, calms me down. The last couple of years my phrase has been, you got this. I chose it again at the beginning of this year with all my plans for 2020 ready to go, a possible new fragrance launching, the return of a discontinued scent, working on a brand new product. Well, you know what happened next, the world turned upside down and the word/phrase of the year changed to pivot.
Things have changed here, supplies have been so hard to come by, I've had to order substitute bottles that I didn't love (our normal bottles are back though!) and now alcohol is out of stock due to the pandemic, the main ingredient in our fragrances. I have an order placed and am waiting for a shipping update but I can't even begin to tell you how stressful this has been. Once again, I've had to pivot and make changes and honestly, I feel like Ross from Friends yelling "pivot" constantly.


For now, only travel size perfumes will be available and as soon as I have an idea of when alcohol will be available again, I will update everyone.
Please stay safe!




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