Shop local!

Shop local!

Today I’m going to talk about how important it is to shop local which may seem strange considering I run an online business! While our business is online and sometimes in-person events, we also sell to small shops and boutiques and when you purchase our fragrances at these shops, you are supporting two businesses and communities.When you shop at a small business, a larger portion of your money stays within the community; you are helping create jobs, you are supporting makers of beautiful and amazing products you can’t find at big box retailers, you are supportin the local community because many of these shop owners donate to their local communities and charities, and you are also helping the environment (and saving on shipping!)

I’m going to be honest and admit that many small businesses are having a hard time right now and need the support of their local communities right now; if you can, try to buy your coffee from a small coffee shop, pick up some toys for your furry BFF from your local pet store or buy yourself some flowers from the local florist.

We work with some pretty amazing small businesses and you can find them here and we are always looking to expand our wholesale business, so if you know of a shop that you think you like our products, please reach out to us and we’ll contact them and if they place an order with us, we will send you a gift for helping us out!



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