Amelia one-ounce perfume and travel perfume on a pink floral background.


I made the decision a while ago to change the name of our Adele fragrance a while ago; when I originally named it, I just loved the name, it fit the scent to me. Over the last six years though, we've grown and changed direction many times as any small business does and the name started to bother me. It felt like the fragrance was never mine, plus we were getting tons of visitors to the site looking for a fragrance created by the singer and it was starting to hurt our Google ranking. People would come to the site, look at the scent and leave right away, disappointed it wasn't the fragrance they were looking for. I began thinking of new names and have had this switch in the back of my mind forever it seems; I finally settled on Amelia and decided when we needed to order our next set of labels, we would make the switch and we finally did it! 

Amelia Travel Spray and Perfume on a pink fllowered background.

Hope you still love it!



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