MeleeTravel Perfume on sand with a coconut.

Time to escape to the tropics....

I love all the fragrances I create, but some more than others (I'm talking about you, Adele and Willow!) Some don't work with my body chemistry and sometimes I forget how good one smells. Last week, I was spending the day restocking Melee and I thought "it smells so good in here" and at the end of the day, I sprayed a bit on and found myself sniffing my arm over and over again! I fell absolutely in love with Melee again and have been wearing it pretty much every day since rediscovering it!

Melee is a blend of lemongrass, coconut, and tropical flowers; it's not the typical suntan coconut scent, it's inspired by my dream vacation, a trip to Thailand. I imagine lying on a pristine beach (with the highest SPF known to mankind and the biggest hat, of course!), drinking a delicious cocktail and breathing in the beautiful aromas of the island.

Anyone else ready to book their ticket? Maybe we can share a room;)



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