Bottle of Amelia one-ounce perfume lying on a gray scraf and hat.

Winter Favorites

I love the idea of winter...sweaters, hot cocoa, snow; I love to spend time on Pinterest (probably more than I should) pinning coats and scarves I would love to add to my winter wardrobe. I love pinning soup recipes that sound perfect for winter nights. When the winter boots hit the stores, I drool over the ones I would love to add to my collection.  It all sounds so perfect until that first bitterly cold day and I start hating winter all over again and begin the countdown to spring.

When I think winter scents, my first choice is anything with vanilla. Vanilla is a cozy scent to me; it makes me think of snuggling under blankets or bundling up in your favorite sweater. Our Willow fragrance is my favorite scent for the cold, winter days; it's a blend of three types of vanilla (vanilla bourbon, Mexican vanilla extract, and vanilla bean) and amber. 

Another great choice for cold weather is our Tessa perfume; if you love gourmand fragrances, this is the scent for you. Notes of almond, vanilla bean, and lemon are blended together for this delicious scent. 

And my all-time favorite scent all year round is Adele; I wear this scent all the time. It could be 105 degrees and humid beyond belief and I will wear Adele. It could be 10 degrees out with a foot of snow on the ground and I will wear Adele. 

What are your favorite winter fragrances? You can shop my favorite winter fragrances here.




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